A 3-Month Roadmap with a Twist

  • Hey everyone!

    We’ve been lurking all over the internet to see what you guys have to say. Mind you, this is not a new thing for us - we do it all the time. We see everything. One of the things you’ve been asking about the most is some kind of roadmap. The one on our Steam store page is regularly updated, but it doesn’t have any actual dates. We get it, you want to know what you can expect and when you can expect it, but we’ve been kind of hesitant to share any kind of timeline because it never turned out well for anyone, so our reasoning was why learn from our own mistakes if we can learn from the mistakes of others.

    However, ever since the beginning of this love child project of ours, we have prided ourselves in the complete transparency with our community, as well as always being a part of it and being easily reachable by anyone who might want to say hi, ask a question or even tell us we suck. That’s always been very important to us and it’s not going to change. So with that in mind, I've decided to try something out. I talked to every person in the company and asked them what they’ll be doing in the next 3 months. Okay, not everyone, I didn’t talk to Darian because he was out of the office at the time of writing this, but I did talk to his art gang and they gave me the dirt.

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    We redecorated his workspace a bit while he was gone. It sparks joy now.

    One more disclaimer before we start: all these things should be in the game in the next 3 months. We have calculated the amount of work we can do and we’re going to try our hardest to stick to it. That’s something we’re usually good at. However, any dev anywhere can confirm that you just never know. Life happens. People get sick. There might be an alien invasion and we all might die. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Let's start with some office news! We've recently welcomed our very own first QA team! We have a real life QA lead and 3 new testers, so now it's not just us testing anymore! We have people for that! Yay!

    About those vehicles! You might have seen the new car model in our last WiP post. What you didn’t know is it’s not just about the model. Our lead programmer Dini is working on the new and improved car physics. Right now, the vehicle mechanics in the game are still very basic, but we’re going to try and push more towards realism. For example, the car’s center of gravity will shift depending on the number of people in the car. He’s also reworking the damage system, which means the car will react differently depending on whether you shot at its tire or the engine. Don’t worry just yet, though, because you’ll also be able to repair it. You’ll also get the driving skill and skill levels, which will obviously tie into the whole realism thing and the way you’ll drive the car. You’ll be able to claim a car, lock it, lockpick it, and hotwire it. You’ll also be able to refuel it. Dini says you’ll eventually be able to shoot from the car, too, but not in the next 3 months. The reason for that is it’s a long and excruciating process that will take a long time to implement, he has enough on his plate as it is, and none of it is salad-related.

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    Blood orange, so f****** pretentious.

    Next up is the inventory. Yes, it’s kind of clunky and unintuitive - we know, we have eyes. The plan has always been to change it up eventually and that time has come. Our programmer Jesus and artist Ivona are working hard on a complete overhaul of both the inventory and the UI. I’m not sure what the final version is going to look like because they’ve been pretty secretive about it so far, but I did manage to find out you’ll be able to stack items and rotate them. Jesus said it might be important to mention that he’s reworking the vicinity function and that cars and chests are finally getting a proper inventory space. He also said I need to explain it's not just the visual upgrades and that a lot of the overhaul will be on the programming side, but then it was just a bunch of nerd talk, so I only pretended to listen and understand. I apologize to any nerds I've offended with this and I promise to write a whole post about it as soon as they have more stuff to show.

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    The inventory may or may not end up looking like this. We don't know either. Ivona says it's a surprise.

    Thanks to Patrik, soon you’ll be able to build a base, too. The first version will understandably be very basic - you’ll be able to build a house using a blueprint, the same way you build a shelter. Our art team is already working on the models, but that’s not the only thing they’re working on. You’ve seen some of the new stuff in our last WiP post - we’re adding a quarry, a mine, a mental hospital, an old castle, a salt mine, an observatory and a whole new city. Urban assets, baby!

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    Hot mesh.

    Aside from the driving skill, we’re reworking the cooking skill from scratch which also calls for a good metabolism rework. That’s Bruno’s job and he’s already on it. He’s also in charge of the demolition skill which won’t just include bombs - you’ll also get all kinds of traps. John is working on the archery skill. He’s going all in, so you’ll also get different types of bows with different types of arrows - some of them you won’t be able to use if your skill is too low or you’re just too weak. You’ll even get a bow silencer - I thought he was messing with me, too, but apparently those are real. Who knew. With the help of our animators, John is also reworking the first person gun animations, so if everything goes according to plan, the whole thing will look and feel much more realistic. We're also adding support for RPGs and our very first revolver!

    Our new programmer Goran is preparing the first missions and mission objectives! I can’t tell you any details yet, but you won’t have to wait too long to check it out. You’ll also get an actual tutorial, in case you couldn’t figure the game out by yourself. Weakling.

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    Soon you'll be able to make your enemies quiver in fear.

    The next 3 months will also see the introduction of achievements! These are being prepared by Dobrila on the programming side and Ivona on the art side. The copy is being prepared by the Meme Team, so expect some funny stuff. Or cringey, we haven’t decided yet.

    Please don’t scream about this next one, but we’re postponing the female characters. Okay, we’re not literally postponing them because we never officially announced them, but the original plan was to release them for Valentine’s day, which is obviously not happening. The reason for that is that women are just too hard to animate. JUST KIDDING! The reason is that we started working on them with every intention to finish them by deadline, but along the way we realized there’s a lot more to the whole thing and we can’t just stick a female model on the male mechanics and call it a day. Remember how we have this elaborate metabolism system and how I already mentioned that Bruno is reworking the cooking skill which also ties into the metabolism? Yeah, that. Every piece of clothing needs to be adjusted for the female body, too. That’s going to be Danijel’s job, god help him. This doesn’t mean we stopped working on the female characters - we still are, but we really don’t want to half-ass this, so we’ll just postpone them for a bit. I said for a bit, so please stop screaming, time is a social construct anyway.

    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um dieses Bild zu sehen.

    Now that the worst part is out of the way, let’s go back to what else we are adding in the next 3 months. We're going to be adding some new animations and taunts as well. I asked our animator Iggy if he knows what he wants to do and he said not yet, so if you have any suggestions for him, please write them in the comments and your taunt idea might just end up in the game!

    We're working on hair as well- male hair, female hair, beards, head hair, body hair, all kinds of hair. You'll need to be able to grow it out, cut it or shave it, so we've got our hands full.

    And last but not least - seasons! We've tested out snow with our Christmas update and most of you said you liked it, so we've left some up in the North in case you want to go sledding at a later time, too. Well, soon enough you'll have actual seasons and everything that goes with them.

    I might have missed some stuff accidentally or on purpose, but I hope that now you have a better picture of our schedule. You'll still be getting your regular WiP posts by Josip, as well as some other surprises from the marketing team, so don't worry! Just remember - we're watching. We're always watching.

    Love you, bye!

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