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    lo everyone, happy Monday! Today we bring something new for you. We get a lot of questions from the community regarding SCUM and some of them often repeat themselves. Whether they be of technical, gameplay wise or other nature. So here we go!

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    1) When will SCUM leave Early Access?
    • The answer is uncertain. The original plan is to finish the game by the end of 2019. But as always in Development world, there are always uncertainties and unforeseeable circumstances. This is why we refrain from giving exact date. We are doing something we love here and we want to do it right.

    2)Will SCUM come to console?
    • At one point yes. What point is that? After we finish the PC port and leave early access. We are a team of around 30 pe


      ple and shifting our focus wouldn't be fair to the players.

    3)Will SCUM have controller support?
    • At one point yes. First we have to finish all the features so we can have a clear picture how and where we can map the controls for the controllers.

    4)When will a new roadmap arrive


    • Once we finish all that was pr


      mised in the last one. Truth to be told Tena is lazy and doesn't want to do it.

    5)You just released content/optimization update why not optimization/content update?
    • This is a frequent yet a complicated question every patch/hotfix we release. So here we go: depends on what is finished in time for release. This does not mean our focus is shifting, it is simply different people work on different things. If we have a gun that is finished why not release it? There is also a difference between a hotfix and a patch. Patch is when we add new features and content to the game, and a hotfix is when there is something gamebraking, that slips through the cracks, that needs fixing urgently after a patch.

    6)When will you release server files?
    • Also a frequent and complicated question. The game is still in Early Access. This means it is still prone to a lot of changes on all side. Releasing server files right now would be in short: a logistical nightmare. We also need to be vary of hacks and cheats. The more files we release the easier it is to develop tools for hac


      ing the game and ruining the game experience for everyone. So not releasing server files seems logical to us for now.

    7)Is G-portal the only official server provider for SCUM?
    • Yes. Any other site that claims to provide servers for SCUM is not supported nor sanctioned by us.

    8)The server I play on is down. What do I do?
    • If it is an official server you can contact any of the CM/JCMs on the discord through a PM. We will restart the server as soon as we see the message.

    9)Are there going to be official PVE servers?
    • We will see. If the interest is high enough we might dedicate a few servers for PVE.

    10)When and why does a wipe occur?
    • When we announce them. There are cases when optimization is needed or we introduce a new feature that requires a wipe. We usually try to avoid them to not mess with the current gameplay, yet sometimes they are necessary. You can expect more wipes until we leave Early Access.

    11)How will inventory rework optimize the game?
    • Well one of the biggest hits on server performance right now are chests filled with items. With the new rework we will have better handling on those items and it should decrease the server load by a large margin.

    12)I want to join the official Alpha testing discord and servers. How can I do this?
    • You can contact D1nosaur on discord through the PMs. What we take under review is your community activity and how constructive you are on steam forums and the official SCUM Discord, among other things. It never hurts to apply if you are truly interested.

    13)I want to report a bug how can I do this?
    • You can do so through the Steam forum thread, under Bug reports. What helps the most are repro steps,video or a screenshot(you can post your videos by putting them on Youtube as unlisted and giving us the link) and the co-ordinates(pressing CTRL+C while in game copies exact co-ordinates to your clipboard).

    14)I want to report a cheater how can I do this?
    • Please use this form to report cheaters, this method will be more clear to us, and we can investigate cases of cheaters more efficiently. Everything is explained in the form below.

      Cheater reports[docs.google.com]



      alse reports will be sanctioned.

    15)My microphone is not working in-game.
    • Before you do anything please close all third-party software that may be running in the background(such as Discord, ReLive etc.) then check if it works. If not verify integrity of files and try again. If it is still broken contact us on Tech support forum on Steam and we will do our best to help solve the pr



    16)I cannot change my graphics settings.
    • Do the exact same steps as in 15)

    17)My skills are not leveling up.
    • Befo


      e writing up a Bug report make sure to check what are your stats. There is a cap on how much you can level a skill under a specified stat. For an example if you have a stat under 2.5 all skills under that stat are capped at medium level.

    18)I increased my X level yet I still have X deficiency?
    • The way the metabolism works now, it checks what are your levels periodically. So give it some time and see if it re


      oves then (the maximum is till the next server restart)

    19)Why is there so much/so little loot available?
    • We are constantly keeping an eye out for the best loot drop rate. What we need to consider is best server performance but also community feedback. Also you need to remember SCUM is a survival game so the idea is to make an effort to survive.

    20)I cannot s


    e other players while in 3rd person?
    • Yes this is not a bug. There is a system in place that ensures that if you can't see something in first person you cannot see it in third person. Awareness skill also has a major play in this.

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