Developer Showcase #9 - Ratko (Audio Lead)

  • Happy Wednesday, everyone!

    Today I'd like to introduce you to Ratko, the Audio Lead here at Gamepires. Ratko has been in gamedev for almost 6 years now, working on several projects as a sound designer, level designer and even a code monkey at one point. We even worked together previously at a different company on a project that went down in flames, an experience that taught us how not to make games.

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    "Ooooooh it's Ratko's turn for the Steam post! THAT'S why he's wearing a shirt, I get it now!" Jesus, 2019

    Music and video games are Ratko's two biggest passions. He has been a DJ and a music producer for almost two decades, so it was only natural he wanted to combine those two and see where it takes him. Luckily, it brought him to us.

    The first thing he does when he comes to work in the morning is check the Steam forums for feedback on the sound. Usually there's none, which he says is a good thing, even though I'm sure it bothers him. He says that's how it works - good sound usually goes unnoticed, while bad sound is something you'll notice immediately. It's okay Ratko, we hear you and we appreciate you, especially that time you recorded the puppet sounds yourself by groaning into a mic under a blanket. We also really appreciate the fact we have the most realistic in-game pooping sounds in the world. I'd elaborate on that one more, but I'm sure nobody wants me to.

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    This picture is here because there is a guitar in it, so it's vaguely related to Ratko.

    He says SCUM is definitely his favorite project he has worked on so far because he got the freedom to do whatever he wants with the sound, "as long as it's good." He likes to experiment and so far it's worked out great. He says he likes researching new technology to see how he can improve whatever he's working on, and we like having the game improved, so it's a win-win. He's also a music production teacher at a local music institute, so it's a good quality to have.

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    "Sippy, can you caption this?" "He looks like he lost his will to live." "Please stop projecting, look, he's even smiling!" "Yeah, fair enough. Okay then, I don't know."

    I asked him one question no one else dared to give a straight answer to: which part of your work on SCUM do you hate the most? Usually people dance around the answer, but Ratko didn't even let me finish. "Cars." "What about them?" "Everything. The stupid car sound and the stupid different car sound and all the different sounds you get when the car interacts with the surroundings and then you have to listen to it over and over again forever until your ears bleed." I mean I get it. It's understandable. Please don't pull a van Gogh on us, we still need you.

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    Also vaguely related to Ratko because there's a bunch of radios in the picture. Today is a really hot summer day, our AC isn't working and won't be fixed till tomorrow and we have a lot of computers heating up the space even more, please give us a break. Love you!

    I'd like to end this dev showcase with a fun little story from last week. We needed to record some stuff for the upcoming female characters, just your standard grunts and noises for the puppets, pooping, getting hit, stuff like that. He asked me to do it and I said sure, so we went to Andrej's office because it has the best acoustics, he gave me the mic, a few directions, and then left me to sit there and awkwardly moan into the mic. Well as it turns out, none of those recordings are usable. "You were supposed to sound like you're in pain, not like you're enjoying it." "Well that's how I sound when I'm in pain." "You literally said 'Ruf mich an Schatze' at one point."

    By the way, we're still collecting music for our radio - you can send your applications, ideas or suggestions directly to Ratko's email rfilipovic at gamepires dot com. You can also send him some car sounds, I'm sure he'd love that!

    Thanks for reading and we'll talk to you soon!

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