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    Honestly, you all knew that a hotfix was coming. We like you so much we're working on a Saturday, so no need to panic! It's already here!

    Before we get into what issues are fixed, let's talk about how you can make our lives easier, as well as yours! Steam tends to mess up downloads, a LOT. We recommend that after each update you verify your game files. Please. We're begging here. Yes. Like that. Thank you. Love you.

    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um dieses Bild zu sehen.

    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um dieses Bild zu sehen.

    • Adjusted spawning rates for female underwear and bra

    • Puppet pants and raincoat issues fixed

    • Increased base elements HP

    • Adjusted platform and tower placement so it works better on uneven terrain

    • Fixed crash when squad members build wall blueprints and relog

    • Fixed platform not getting any damage

    • Fixed base building recipes not using planks correctly

    • Fixed bug where the cabin could be placed on the ground when it should be placed on the platform

    • Fixed various level bugs

    • Castle ruins distant meshes optimization (geometry reduction)

    • Added loading screen image with fixed typos

    • Increased big log gain from chopping trees

    • Possible fix for the 'continue' timeout

    • Fixing a rock in the air. He prefers metal

    • Fixed prisoner's rotation getting stuck after exiting the vehicle

    • Fixed item drop placing items at wrong location

    • Inventory fixes galore! No idea what this really is, but sounds cool.

    • Updated car fixing animations

    • Adjusted all bow sizes to 3x5 so it can fit into inventory now.

    • Fixed issue where you would need only one log for building a wall after relog

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