SCUM - Hotfix

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    Dear Scummunity,

    we hope you had a nice weekend and managed to get some sleep!

    We're back with yet another hotfix and some QoL changes for you guys, so let's jump right into it:

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    Bug fixes

    Adjusted some achievements when checking time played on character

    Doubled the time it takes to grow hair and beards

    Item duplication exploits have been fixed

    Various LOD fixes (e.g. female gloves)

    Removed the option to gain fame points by infinitely refilling water containers

    Optimized base element rendering performance (improved client performance)

    Reduced placement bounds for all base elements by 20 cm

    Made "Open Inventory" default interaction for inventory items

    Fixed other inventory related issues

    QoL additions

    Adjusted tree chopping recipes

    Removed small wooden logs and wooden sticks as loot from chopping large trees

    Increased ToolBox spawn rate

    Lowered the cost of using the toolbox for base building elements

    Increased the amount of metal scrap you gain from searching wrecked vehicles (not the ones you wreck yourself unfortunately)

    Sped up the log pick up animation

    You will now be able to carry logs faster than before

    Adjusted car repair cost (1 toolbox use repairs 10%)

    Added the ability for admin drones to be able to destroy base elements

    Added a new item - Improvized toolbox

    Thank you for the patience and talk to you Soon™!

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