SCUM - Patch notes

  • The weekend is here, so we have a patch for you guys. But before we get into the patch notes. Here is a poll that concerns wiping the servers!

    Due to recent feedback from the community we have decided to make a poll in order to ask everyone if they would like a wipe. We have fixed all known duplication methods so raiding bases with duped grenades shouldn't be possible after this patch. So vote here if you want, or don't want a wipe

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    P.S This includes only official servers, NOT private ones.

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    No, this is not a music competition, but a new way to rob other players!

    • We've added the ability to access the inventory of a captured prisoner. After a player ties the hands of another, they will now have a new option when they right click on them while in interaction mode (inventory open) or after holding F while aiming at them when they are nearby. This option will enable the captor to see what the other player is hiding in their inventory and will allow them to take stuff out, or put stuff in. They can even equip the clothes directly on their victim, so if making your hostages wear weird outfits is your thing, you are free to do so. The captured prisoner's inventory is displayed in the same way as your regular inventory, except the background is tinted slightly red and the hostage's name will be displayed at the top. If you close the inventory screen, or become separated from you victim, the inventory will be switched back to your equipment.

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    New base build element, so you can climb faster to anything you use stairs for. This is what you need to craft it:

    • Wooden Log - 4 pieces

    • Wooden Plank - 10 pieces

    • Toolbox - 10 uses

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    And last but not least, we've reworked the admin commands, mostly related to teleportation.

    Parameters in <> brackets are mandatory.

    Parameters in [] brackets are optional.


    • #teleport <x><y><z> [Player] (if you want to teleport yourself just do #teleport and location)

    • #teleportto <TargetPlayer> [Player]

    • #teleportto3pm [Player]

    • #teleporttome <Player>

    • #teleporttovehicle <ID> [Player]

    If you type in any command followed by a "?" it will give you a short description of what the command does.

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    • Item in hands now doesn't disappear when picking up a log.

    • Tripled the interval between Drone visits on players.

    • Bound prisoners can no longer vault through windows.

    • Criminal record now shows correct skills percentage.

    • Fix for being able to use admin commands only when containing a bracket beside the user id in admin config.

    • Fixed the issue with non-exploding frag grenades after being thrown.

    • Fixed the bug where you couldn't shoot in FP while strafing left or right.

    • Fixed the bug where players could interact with event weapons and cause exploits.

    • Possible fix for health disappearing before oxygen when drowning.

    • Fixed the bug where you could place base elements in enemy flag areas with blueprints being yellow.

    • Fixed the bug where caramel soda had just 1 use instead of 20.

    • Fixed blueprint placement sometimes not working.

    • Fixed crash when killing spawned prisoners.

    • Chest text shouldn't block mouse clicks any more.

    • Fixed the camera offset in FP while climbing ladders.

    • Fixed the bug where you could build palisades on top of base tower roofs.

    • Fixed the bug where equipped weapons being visible while prisoner is invisible.

    • Fixed client crashing when quickly pressing tab after eating from a container.

    • Fixed camera passing through walls when resting on ground.

    • Fix possible crashing when element for sitting is destroyed while someone is sitting on that same element.

    • Possible fix for being able to build base walls on top of each other.

    • Possible fix for snapping base element when floating.

    • Fixed the exploit where burying chest would cause item duping.

    • Fixed the bug where some items wouldn't be properly removed from hands when executing certain actions (e.g. having an apple in hands and trying to carry a log would cause the apple to be in a corrupted state and crash the game)

    • Possible fix for items stacking on each other on the ground when searching zombie corpses instead of being scattered around the searching prisoner.

    • Awareness issues are slowly being fixed, guns shouldn't be visible floating on a player if they are not in viewing range, rework of the quiver is needed for the quiver not being able to be seen.

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    • Laying and sitting in rivers and ponds is not possible anymore.

    • Increased durability of shovels. (Not the one that needs to be crafted)

    • Increased durability of shovels. (Only the ones that can't be crafted)

    • Holstered items are now dropped when hands are bound.

    • Prisoners can no longer do gestures when their hands are bound.

    • Increased spawn chance for sewing kits.

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    • This round we just have some small optimizations from both the client and server side.

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