Base building contest!!!!

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    Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday!

    Hope you are all well and have your axes sharpened and your shovels ready. It's been some time now since base building was introduced and we can see some of you have already become quite the architects. So folks time to show your skills as we are making a Base building contest. So get grinding them logs, sandbags, metal scraps and rags. Or just enter godmode in Singleplayer, we all know you will.

    Top 3 bases will receive a special prize!

    How to enter?

    1. Construct a base
    2. Take screenshots or a video giving us a tour through your base(make it lovely).
    3. Send your material over at Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Link zu sehen.
    4. In the email also include a link to your steam profile, and a description of your base.
    5. 1 entry per person only
    6. Any inappropriate material will immediately be disqualified, again we live in a society.

    Winners shall be announced on the 25th of October so keep an eye out then.

    Good luck!

    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um dieses Bild zu sehen.

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