SCUM - Hotfix

  • Hey guys, here we are with a new hotfix to resolve some of issues that plague you guys!

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    • Fixed client performance drop introduced in the last patch.

    • Minor client performance improvements.

    • Fixed wall blueprints sometimes being un-finishable (red) after already placed.

    • Fixed base door blueprints being un-finishable (red) after relog.

    • Fixed bug with compound bow tuning not working in multiplayer.

    • Fixed a bug where one was unable to interact with ramsons or see ramsons in vicinity

    • Fixed a bug where weapon attachment icons could be overlapping empty slots

    • Fixed a bug where maxing out a skill would still display a 3/4 progress in the GUI

    • Fixed the bug with sunglasses disappearing when dropped on floor.

    • Possible fix for permanently locked doors

    • Possible fix for new base elements not being influenced by existing flags

    • Fixed the bug where you couldn't interact with shelters.

    • Fixed a bug where completely using items doesn't destroy them

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    • Removed unused skills from the metabolism GUI.

    • Remove defecate struggle sounds.

    • Player will produce jump grunts only if low on stamina.

    • Reduced attenuation radius for swing and punch impact sounds.

    • Vehicles should not despawn in SP no matter how much time passed.

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